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Liquid Bomb gave me an Idea..

March 04, 2008 By: Guy Mizrahi Category: Security No Comments →

Bruce Schneier wrote a few days back about "Liquid Bomb" – something he wanted to know better about.

Mr Schneier read this article about A television documentary team said it had made a bomb by mixing a series of odourless and colourless chemicals that could be brought into an aircraft by passengers.

While everyone that read that post commented on the bombs and chemicals, I thought about plugins.


Why Plugins?

I think that if you’ll create plugin or add-on to any software or web site that allow it, this piece of software can be checked for malicious  code inside of it.

If you’ll write some plugins, each contains a part of a malicious code, a single function or procedure, that can work only if a user add a few more plugins – it can pass the detection procedure for problematic code (If there is one).

A single function that is hiding in a few hundred lines of code is not so simple to detect.


So let’s say you’ll create a series of plugins for wordpress or maybe some facebook applications and you’ll cut your malicious code to separate functions and distribute this – There can be a way to create an attack using this distributed code.


Yes, we don’t have bottles and liquid here but it looks the same to me..

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