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What is Cyber?

April 24, 2011 By: Guy Mizrahi Category: Cyber No Comments →

Cyber Espionage.

In the last couple of years there is a new word in the military forces all over the world. The new word is “Cyber”.

It comes in some flavors: Cyber Warfare, Cyber Terror, Cyber Crime and last but not least: Cyber Espionage.

It is very hard to classify each one of those but I’ll try to do this anyways in my next blog posts. I’ll start with cyber espionage.

What is Cyber Espionage?

The easy stuff to explain is Cyber Espionage. This stand for any type of espionage that operates on the Internet. Think about Trojan Horses or RATs (Remote Access Tools). There are a lot of those tools that are distributed freely on the Internet and it is very easy to take one and use it for any army’s espionage need.

RAT can fetch files, computer and OS details, spy on user’s activities and even turn your computer to listening device by capturing audio from your mic and video from your webcam. The perfect tool for espionage.

A RAT that I use regularly for my demo’s on lectures I give is PoisonIvy. You can get it freely on it’s site (

PoisonIvy is a good example for espoinage trojan (aka RAT). It’s control panel look like this:

PoisonIvy Control Panel

When You click on the mark’s computer (that is already infected and connected) you get this panel:

Mark's computer

As you can see, This is the IT Person’s dream tool. You can trully do anything to the infected computer. From details about the OS, computer and user to registry changes, services manipulation, process manipulation, Keylogging and every other thing you can think about.

This is only one tool of the trade, but as you can see – it  is the cyber spook dream tool. I can easily spy on anyone infected with this tool. Easy and very comprehensive.

This tool was in used for espionage and it was also used in many cyber crime operations.

Every other Cyber operation must begin in a good reconnaissance operation. Good recon relays on good information gathering and it must involve sort of espionage.

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